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Shen Health: Your Intelligent Health Assistant

Get your quality & personalized health advice in seconds with Shen AI and ChatGPT.

Shen Health stories


I rarely leave reviews however this is hands down the coolest health app I’ve ever used. The app also seems to be accurate - it is fairly close to the same reading that you would get on a blood pressure wrist monitor from home.

Paul Rupe

via Google Play


Great app giving not only the digital biomarker clinical readings but good advice based on those risks.

Jeremy Rolleston

via Google Play


Great application, a very good solution that gives you access to monitor your health and well-being. 2 measurements a day and you have your finger on the pulse. Figuratively and literally.


via App Store


Good app, easy to use and to be sure of the measurements, I verified the measurements with the devices and everything is correct!


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It's a nice app and the camera test results were consistent with Garmin Fenix 7X. Respect for Polish creators.


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Get personalized health advice in seconds with Shen Chat

Shen Chat is an intelligent health assistant that interprets measurement results carried out using Shen.AI technology. Shen Chat also enables free-text or voice conversations using ChatGPT technology. Shen Chat responds to posed questions, taking into account the user's context in the form of all available health data. This translates into personalized and precise health advice available quickly and anywhere.

Personalized health advice

Measure Blood Pressure, Pulse, Breath and Stress

Measurements of key vital signs: Shen Health can measure your blood pressure, pulse, pulse variability, respiration, and stress index, all via the camera on your smartphone. This makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your health on a daily basis.


Track and analyze your health data

Our app offers detailed statistics of your unique health data. This includes your vital signs as well as stress level, emotions and BMI.

Health data

Get to know your individual health risks

Our app offers personalized tips and recommendations based on your unique health data. This includes your vascular age, as well as potential health risks such as stroke, myocardial infraction, and coronary heart disease. The scoring algorithm and the score assigned to each cardiovascular risk factor (gender specific) are based on the famous Framingham Heart Study. Every user risk score is calculated based on general information (such as age, gender, and BMI) and health information (e.g., blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol).

Health risks

Reach your goals. Take part in health challenges

Shen Health also offers a range of health challenges to help you build healthy habits, engage in sports activities, and maintain regular measurements of your vital signs.

Health challenges

Take control of your health and well-being right now

Get your quality & personalized health advice in seconds with Shen AI and ChatGPT.

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