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Take control of your health and well-being. Measure your vital signs with a camera.

Health Assessment and Prevention Platform for Corporate Wellness, Insurance and Healthcare providers.

Our customers:

The Four Pillars of Employee Health.

A holistic approach to health embraces interconnected aspects of well-being, including physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental dimensions. Physical health influences mental health through exercise, sleep, nutrition, and chronic illnesses. Regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep can enhance mental health, leading to overall wellness.

Health Checking

Regular measurement of basic health parameters: blood pressure, pulse, HRV, breath and stress


Health assessment surveys improve health self-awareness and motivate to lifestyle changes.

Health knowledge

Personalized health articles, support tools such as BMI calculator, hydration reminders, emotion tracker.

Changing Habits

Gamification to increase engagement in creating positive habits.

Shen Health App

For preventive, holistic health assessment that builds health awareness and empowers individuals. This comprehensive approach enables vital parameter measurements through your camera phone, includes health assessment surveys, gamification elements, health challenges, and more, all designed to promote well-being and engagement.

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Measurements of key vital signs

Shen.AI integrated in Shen Health can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, and stress index, only with the camera on your smartphone. It easy and convenient way to keep track of your health on a daily basis.

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Personalized health

Shen Health provides health recommendations based on your health data. This includes your biological and vascular age, as well as potential health risks such as stroke, myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease

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Health card with export capability

Shen Health helps you build healthy habits with health challenges, engage in sports activities, and maintain regular measurements of your vital signs.

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Health challenges

Shen Health also offers a range of health challenges to help you build healthy habits, engage in sports activities, and maintain regular measurements of your vital signs.

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Health calculators

Want to calculate your BMI or track your hydration? Shen Health has you covered with our handy health calculators.

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Health assessment questionnaires

We offer a range of health assessment questionnaires to help you better understand your overall health. These cover topics such as lifestyle, physical health, job burnout, anxiety and depression, heart disease, diabetes, overweight and obesity, and insomnia.

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Health knowledge base

Our app also offers a wealth of health knowledge, including tips and advice on how to improve your overall health and wellbeing.


Health Insights Dashboard

The Customer Shen Health Dashboard visually shows the use of the codes needed to use the health app and also offers all the most crucial data related to the use of this solution. You can use it to monitor the progress of specific departments in your organization.

The Dashboard is interactive, giving you information about the number of health measurements, documentation, invoices, and more. All data is in real-time.

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Manage access conveniently

Intuitive access to the service allows you to adapt it to your organization's needs. Name groups of codes, check the progress of individual departments in clear charts, and keep partner documentation in one place. Gain comfort and extensive possibilities!

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Measurable health & wellness

Get statistics, interpretation of health indicators, and health risks. When assessing the organization's well-being, rely on quantifiable values, such as statistical data.


Data flow and safety

Data security is a priority for us. We ensure the highest standards of privacy protection and security. Your data is protected using state-of-the-art technologies, and our platform is compliant with GDPR data protection regulations.

We do not share data with any third parties, nor do we use them for purposes other than the operation of our application.

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GDPR complaint

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Data is processed absolutely anonimously

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All images deleted immediately

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No persistent or stored biometric data


Contact us and choose the most convenient plan for your organization's needs. Receive a bundle of codes to allow your users to sign up for the Shen Health app.

Schedule a meeting to get a live demo and request 14-days Shen Health access codes and learn about:

  • our intuitive and user-friendly our interface;
  • how to generate and manage application access codes for your team;
  • how to get the most for Health Insights Dashboard;
  • personalized healthy lifestyle recommendations for your team;
  • pricing plan for your organization.